make an impact at your next event

Our clients say

"This video truck defiantly makes an impact. we had people coming up to our booth all day!"
Hillary Moore
Head of Marketing at S.S.G.
"The kids loved it! it was great getting to play our gaming tournament on the huge screen."
erica williams
Marketing for The Boy & Girls Club
" Having our video playing on the truck as it drove around the city brought me a bunch of new Instagram followers."
Quintin Angus
Disc Jockey
"It was great using the video truck as a backdrop of our photo shoos"
Justin james

Frequently asked questions

Yes! We we offer flexible time and location for our clients. We will taller our serves to meet your specific need

Both! We can cater the creative design to me your format. We can keep it as a single image or we can have your video playing on a loop

We offer our clients 21st-Century Marketing in 1080p Full HD Video Displayed On a 17-Foot Trailer.

We understand that thing like the weather can impact your event but its our mission to meet you satisfaction. You can rest assured that if the weather does not cooperate we will do what is necessary  until we meet your satisfaction.

21-century marketing
1080p video displayed on a 17-foot trailer.