Frequently Asked Questions

How does Demic Videos Trucks work?

  1. Choose your package above that fits your advertising needs.
  2. Select the options on the checkout page to customize your ad campaign. These options include budget, date to start the campaign, days to run the ad, and number of clips per day.
  3. Upload your creatives on the uploads page.
  4. You’ll be contacted when your ad is running.
  5. Coming Soon: Analytics of your ad campaign using our machine learning facial recognition software to detect number of views per clip.

What is a “clip”?

A “clip” is the term we use to signify an 8 second showing of your ad. Each clip ranges in price between $0.19 – $0.31 per clip depending on the daily budget.

Why choose Demic Videos Trucks?

Fleet Media offers unique access to local crowds and audiences through our LED billboard trucks. It’s a cost-effective marketing solution, putting your brand up in lights before the eyes of thousands of potential customers.

Do I need to register?

No, simply book your ad using our quick and easy appointment form and pay through Paypal. A representative from Demic Videos Trucks will contact you shortly after to confirm the date, time and location of your billboard truck ad.

Can I cancel the ad?

We currently do not offer refunds but can change the date, time, and location of your ad.

What type of media can be displayed?

Our innovative trucks are built to display your ad through pictures, video and audio.

How do I upload my ad?

Pleae use the form located here to upload your creatives. We currently support PNG, JPG, and MP4 media types.